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Internet provider

I have a frind in A-4813 Altmuenster he is telling me that he would need a ISDN Leitung to connect to a provider
 I find this rather sillie, I would like to comunicate with him over internet and wonder if you could help me with
 the name of a local internet provider for Altmuenster. I would us help a lot.
 I also wonder If you have providers which are free to connect to.
 Please send me a note in this regard, if you like I could provide you with his phone and fax number
 and perhaps you could explain to him how it works localy
 Thank you for your help.
 Your answer can be in German if you like I am from mannheim original.
 M.F. G 
 Horst Romani
 Phone Canada 604-936-3179 fax 604-936-3189