keify...skulless : gotta go feed the back in an hour er so for the thingy... bye-de-bye!
keify...skulless : at least I can't see it working on my end.. of course I'm at home and using a modem (sitting around in my underware)
keify...skulless : oops..I don't think a mandala will fit..sorry
keify...skulless :

oh hum..

another mandala
: oh no! make yourself feel at home
keify...skulless : gosh..just let me know if I'm a problematic participant. :]
: maybe 250 will fit into the space
: maybe 250 will fit into the space
: it is 5: 15 now... starting in 1hour 45 minutes!
keify...skull head : so..Miss M..any guess at how many folks are in the gallery there?

Miss M :
keify...skull head : how's the weather over there?
nice out here today...

keify...skull head : you don't mind me changing the channel do you Miss M??
keify...skull head :
mind if I turn the tv on??

Miss M :
keify...skull head : here's a cu-seeme event I did last year...
keify...skull head : hi Miss M...sending you animations...
Miss M : sending you flowers....
Miss M : hello skull head
keify...skull head :
here's my locker...I'm there now..

keify...skull head : hi'dy ho yall from Baltimore...come sit a spell @ and watch the tv with us..
keify...skull head :
Miss M : Hello true, I hope to see you soon
true : it somehow doesn't quite make it here, does it?
true : well it's 16:22 and noone is here...

greetings to the cae - from lucerne, hope to meet you soon, in real!

true : well it's 16:22 and noone is here...

true : hi there, just popped in ...
nick : it's REAL!!
sam : hello
nick : is this a REAL chat or what?
cae : bye