The atomic wind catches your wings and you are propelled backwards into a future, an entity time travelling through the late C20th, a space case maybe, a fucked up alien angel, looking down the deep throat of a million catastrophes.

Subject X says transcendence lies at the limit of worlds, where now and now, here and elsewhere, text and membrane impact.

The limit is NO CARRIER, the sudden shock of no contact, reaching out to touch but the skin is cold...

X . o 0 (Moments when I collide with you are stolen and frozen pleasures, sampled, cold metal in my mouth, acrid drops on my tongue.)

The limit is permission denied, vision doubled, and flesh necrotic.

X says "This distance is a discipline, and therefore, a pleasure"

Here truth evaporates

X drops eir eyes and says softly "I love only you..."

Here there are no maps

X explodes in multiple morphings and infiltrates the system at root.

Unnameable parts of no whole short circuit the code recognition programs flipping surveillance agents into hyperdrive which spew out millions of bits of corrupt data as they sieze in fits of schizophrenic panic and trip on terror.

X whispers to you " I am sociopathic. I am psychotic. I am out of my mind." Arbitrator warns <always make sure you are talking to who you think are talking to...>

X drops eir eyes and says softly "I remember you...have found myself with fingers sexing my own slippery <customised> and wishing for an adorned fist on account of a remembered posture of restraint"

X says softly "I have missed you so much"

X whispers to you "How long must I wait?"

X . o 0 (I want sex and sudden death)

X says "Please

X says "Please
touch me
to be touched"


command line error


>don't ever stop
>fingering my supperating holes, extending my oozing boundary
whisper>but in cipherspace there are no bounds

whisper>there is only us
dement says>we will find you where you sleep

dumb agents perpetually crawling over the de sadian co-ordinates
prosaic swarmware dole bludgers pissing in the mouths that fed us
rough trade and rogue codes will inherit the earth . . . some time after
the French atomic tests in Mururoa exclaims, "Beg for it, my divine slut!" as she squats
her steaming ass over the gaping mouth of M_ and gives it to him.

fleeing the binary i enter the gender which is not one

neva thought i was the type to fuck a testosterone-enhanced spivak, but
eir musky fur and a 2 inch clit was more than this decadent cunt could resist
<so I devoured the luscious runt in a banquet of addiction>

entice me splice me
map my ABANDONED genome as your project
artificially evolve me into that shiny shiny PVC extropian future

@go GenderFuckMeBaby's New Palace of Unparalleled Cynicism

queer as hip afflictions inscribed so consideredly
tattoo me, pierce me, scarify even
slash and burn . . . lighter fluid down the ol' arm is in (haven't you read THE ASS?)
the new look for the seasonally disaffected

just keep that <gender> fucking freak wolf from scratching at *my* door
will ya
<watch the tourists drop their lenses in DISgust>

fuck with my gender baby
just don't make the fuck difficult
give me something I can swallow

i grind my cunt into your fe/male mouth
TAKE it DO it WHIP it good
i grind my cunt into your fe/male mouth
just don't fuck with my script
cos it's taken me forever to learn the lines

Run Exe

the CIA hate my virtual guts
Cunt Intelligence Agents
they take it up the ass despite what they profess
they're onto my filth, and stopped handing out the grants
this code has no integrity

i'm yr original NWA, busting yr gated whitecybercitadel
<look, just cos i'm white doesn't mean i'm not black inside>
where is that black bitch BTW? lick my boots, whore

no drug can be as good as your cyber fingers
<i'm on the drug, i'm on the drug, i'm on the drug that killed river phoenix>

gender fuck me baby
suck my code
suck it good
<IRL did you come?>

by gashgirl