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ING Bank International

The Dutch-based bank which recently , with characteristic thrift, bought Barrings Bank of London for one dollar.

The World Bank

The very name calls forth exquisitely paranoid visions of global economic machination...

Welcome to Planet Acronym!

"The World Bank Group is the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). IBRD is the main lending arm of the World Bank. IDA is the World Bank affiliate that lends on concessional terms to the poorest countries. IFC finances private sector projects and advises businesses and governments on investment issues. MIGA promotes foreign direct investment through guarantees, policy advice, and promotional services."

Information Market - Europe

The EEC server. This server's demi-acronymic designation, "I'M Europe", is marred not by understatement...

This is the initiative of Directorate-General XIII of the EC to provide the World Wide Web with information about Europe and the European Electronic Information Market.

JP Morgan Home Page

Robber Baronial Web-site.

Why did Morgan first help to finance Nikola Tesla's experiments and then withdraw his support? Why did Morgan so strenuously search out and acquire most of the cards of the Tarot designed for the Sforza family? It is not likely that one will find out here.

ECRC in Palestine, Texas, USofA

What the F is an ECRC?!:

"ECRCs are United States Department of Defense-funded centres operated by a team of business and educational institutions. They provide consultation and education services to industry and government. Their goal is to help organizations work more efficiently. Much of their focus is on conducting business and business operations electronically."

Contact the Department of Defense-funded Palestinian Texans now! (I am not making this up!)

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The first Futures and Options Exchange on the Web.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the world's busiest futures exchange as well the leader in exchange-traded financial derivatives.

First Union Bank

First Union Corporation, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USofA, is a bank holding company made up of eight financial institutions that claims to offer "Cyberbanking."

DigiCash Home Page

DigiCash bv, headquarted in Amsterdam, with an office in the US, is the company to, not merely watch, but contact now for e-cash!

The Digicash CEO is Dr. David Chaum, an eminent cryptographer and professor of mathematics whose prime, so to speak, occupation for many years has been the development of cryptographic technique to allow secure anonymous transactions. Dr. Chaum has an avowed interest in privacy for the individual, though, of course, the same technology may be employed either to enhance personal privacy or to contribute to an even Bigger Brother scenario.

Chaum is well-known for chairing international smart-card congresses and also as the keynote speaker at the WWW94 Conference at CERN.

E-cash home page

DigiCash site specifically concerning E-cash.

First Virtual Home Page

Customers give their credit card data to First Virtual who, in turn, allows merchants who also have accounts with them to confirm purchase transactions by e-mail, thus eliminating the need for the consumer to repeatedly give out their credit card data.

CyberCash Home Page

"CyberCash, Inc. was founded in 1994 to enable electronic commerce by providing a safe, convenient and immediate payment system on the Internet. The CyberCash payment system facilitates the purchase of goods and services on the Internet by providing a secure environment for transactions between consumers, merchants and their banks as well as between individuals. With CyberCash the Internet is safe for instantaneous and spontaneous financial transactions."

Cash for those times when one suddenly has the urge to merge, apparently...

"CyberCash is a founding member of the W3 Consortium, the World Wide Web organization created by the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology (MIT) in October 1994."

The Motley Fool educate, amuse and enrich...

PAWWS Financial Network
Links to brokers, research, realtime quotes...

American Express

The Quicken Financial Network

News Alert
Comprehensive national, international, financial and business news, as well as up-to-the-minute financial market data including 20-minute delayed stock quotes, charts, research and reports...

Research Holding
Information on over 10.000 stocks and 5.000 mutual fonds.

Stock Point

The Moneyclub Internet Finance Corporation

FORBES digital tool

The Mutual Fund Cafe
where the mutual fund community gathers on-line.

Accutrade's Internet Center
Tour Accutrade's online trading.

SchwabNOW! Online Investing.

DATEK online



Empire Financial Group INC.

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HYPO Landesbank



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