VII. Profound Emotional Paroxysm

CASE# 2659831/PEP

Subjective: Pt. reports overwhelming sentimentality and nostalgia
Objective: Uncontrollable weeping, sighing, tearing of hair, and moaning
Assessment: Profound emotional paroxysm
Plan: Place pt. under heavy sedation and initiate sleep therapy

Such pts hold their peace when they should speak, and speak too much when they should be still. Also some swear that they are earthen vessels, and dread to be touched lest they break. And some believe that they hold the world in their hands, and that their hands contain all things; therefore they will not reach for any food, for they dread that if they put out their hands, parts of the world would fall and be lost. Others believe that they must hold up the world with their hands and shoulders, because the world is on the point of falling. Some believe that they have no heads, or that their heads are made of lead.

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