II. Dysfunctional Reality Lobe

CASE# 298321/DRL

Subjective: pt. feels agitated, uneasy, disturbed at living in such a merciless world
Objective: High anxiety, swollen reality glands
Assessment: Dysfunctional reality lobe, possible tumor
Plan: Test for DRL and arrange for possible surgery

A dread disease, in which the struggle between soul and body is so gradual, quiet and solemn, and the result so sure, that day by day, and grain by grain, the mortal part wastes and withers away, so that the spirit grows light and sanguine with its lightening load, and feeling immortality at hand, deems it but a new term of mortal life; death and life are so strangely blended in this disease that death takes the glow and hue of life, and life takes on the gaunt and grisly form of death; medicine cannot cure it, wealth cannot ward it off, nor poverty avoid it.

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