X. Conceptual Deficit Disorder

CASE# 2659831/CDD

Subjective: Pt. complains of 40-year history of poverty of ideas
Objective: displays active retardation or resistance which impedes movement, speech and even thought, and may arrest it completely. As soon as she wills or intends or attempts a movement, a counter-will or resistance rises up to meet her. She is immobilized in a physiological conflict-force against counter-force, will against counter-will, states of inner struggle that exhaust her energies in inner battles.
Assessment: Conceptual deficit disorder
Plan: Start pt on a quadracyclic antidepressant

Pt. entirely loses all muscular motion, insomuch that whenever pt. finds self inclined to sleep, nurse is obliged to pull down pt's eyelids and to raise them again whenever pt is disposed to awake. A hot attitude in certain skins and cells of the brain, followed by waking and raving.

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